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Jaime Diaz 
Ace Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

Head Trainer/Owner

Jaime Diaz is an Ace certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist who has a passion for helping others reach their full potential in maximizing their health and fitness goals. 


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Diaz Fit Personal Training

1801 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona 85711, United States

(520) 990-8328


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Here’s what clients are saying about diaz Fit


There are no words to explain the transformation I got working with Jaime. Jaime took the time to understand my goals and created a workout fit for me. Always professional, he made working out fun, creative, different and comfortable. I only wish I had started sooner. Diaz Fit was affordable and convenient to my working mom schedule. Highly recommend!  

                                            Julia S.

                                                    Age 36 

Jaime‘s passion for health, fitness and positive mindset keeps him on the cutting edge of his profession. He is careful to listen to individual needs and goals and will take the extra steps necessary to tailor a workout regimen seeing each client as unique and works together with each to achieve ones optimal level of well being. Through his guidance, he has not only helped me get in shape, but find motivation in all aspects of life. This is  fantastic place to pursue a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable environment. Highly recommend! 

                                        Leilani L. 

                                           Age 32

I am so grateful for getting to know Jaime and train with him. He’s dedication to the success of his clients fitness journey has been outstanding!! Every workout showcases his extreme knowledge for fitness and personal health. I would HIGHLY recommend Diaz Fit! 

                                      Lauren L. 

                                         Age 34

In response to urging from my chiropractor children, six months ago I researched personal fitness trainers and found Jaime! Because my body is 86+ years old, I wasn’t sure he would accept me to train. Thankfully, fate brought us together, and we continue to strengthen all my muscles and make my body safer from falls and fractures. I highly recommend Diaz Fit, whatever your body’s age or condition. 

                                         Marcia W. 

                                            Age 87

"It is now 4 months later and just as he said I am amazed at the progress I have made.  I have lost almost 15 pounds, lost about 4" of belly fat, and have gained a ton of strength and cardio endurance.  My energy level has increased as well.  I am watching my diet more carefully and getting a little extra sleep at night."

                                   John A.

                                             Age  78